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Ready to coach with me?

That's incredible!

First, let me ask you two questions...

Coaching requires commitment. It takes time & dedication to benefit from coaching.

Are you ready to commit to the process?

Coaching is about you showing up to make change in your life. I am here to help you, but I need you to be proactive & accountable.

Are you ready to show up 
for yourself?

If you answered yes to both of these questions then you are ready to sign up for a free consultation!

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When I felt like I accomplished something, Kayleigh was one of the first if not the first person I wanted to tell, because I knew how proud of me she would be.


"If I live 10,000 lifetimes it wouldn't be enough time for me to be able to help enough people in the way that Kayleigh helped me with her kindness, gentleness and her guidance!"


"I embarked on a journey with Kayleigh to improve my physical health, nutrition, emotional well-being (anxiety and calming techniques being a priority), and spiritual wellness. Kayleigh has been my patient coach for over three years, assessing my needs and developing a plan that suits me best. She is intuitive and creative. I highly recommend her expertise."


"Nevertheless my speaking English wasn’t good, the coach could see what I meant to say"


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